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Stevie D. Gray

Health Coach

Psychology Student

Media Enthusiast


Phi Theta Kappa Honors, 2022

Deans List 8 Semesters


Brooklyn, NY


Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

A Bit About Me

I was born into cross-sections as an Afro-Latina with Indigenous Caribbean roots born and raised in NYC, so it only makes sense that my life's work would be in the cross-sections of Health, Psychology, Media, and Lifestyle.

My drive for understanding the world has placed me in a variety of industries and my concern for the world took me through an expansive path of learning, healing, creating, and organizing. Below are a few notes about the highlights of my journey and some samples of my work in these various cross-sections. 

Academic Experience

2023, Spring

Learning more about my field of study and the path I wish to carve out for myself and others, I used my custom roadmap created in the Educationtional Planning course I took the previous semester to take courses that aligned with my vision such as Media Psychology, Marketing, and Media Ethics. I learned the important contributions of each of these courses to one another, the depth to which we are influenced and influence others through the media we create, share, and consume, and the ethics within each role and step of the process.

2022, Fall

After graduating with honors, a health coaching license, and an Associate Degree in Psychology I decided to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I started with courses in Educational Planning, Cognitive Psychology, Biological Psychology, and Digital Storytelling. I learned more about the subsections of Psychology that contribute to my vision and how to put them all together in a way that others can learn from my research, path, and applications.

2022, Spring

Tying together 2 years of consistent learning, courses in Cultural Anthropology, Multicultural Psychology, Photography, Research Methods, and a Practicum in Professional Studies for Health Coaching earned me a Licence in Health Coaching and an Associate Degree in Psychology with Honors as a member of Phi Theta Kappa.

2021, Fall

Eager to assist a Covid changed world, courses in Adult psychopathology, Death & Dying, Social Psychology, and Sports Science helped me understand and empathize with more people within my community.

2021, Summer

Determined to graduate in two years but also very interested in acquiring a health coaching license, I studied Health and Wellness as well as Sports Psychology.

2021, Spring

Continuing my journey and building on foundational courses, I gravitated towards Human biology (lab included), Developmental Psychology, Positive Psychology, and Statistics for Social Sciences, also fulfilling my training to become a mandated reporter.

2020, Fall

Embarking on a journey into a field of psychology that wasn't fully public knowledge yet, I took up foundational courses in Psychology, APA Style Writing, Ethics, and Health in pursuit of an Associate degree.

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